Introducing Dese

Silicon Nitride Igniter Rod

High Efficiency

Reaches ≥1000°C in 10 secs.

Easy Installation

With a simple and sturdy design that is resistant to damage

Long Service Life

Made of durable silicon nitride material with universal mounting bracket

Secure Packaging

Packed in high-quality blown film packaging that is waterproof and shockproof.

Strong Compatibility

over 170 conventional spark plugs, covering nearly 90% of applications.

After-sales Service

10-year warranty

Compared with Traditional Igniter

Better for Pellet Grill

Pellet grills operate at higher temperatures for prolonged periods to cook food using wood pellets as fuel. The combustion of pellets creates a harsh environment with high heat and residue buildup. Silicon nitride has excellent thermal shock resistance and strength retention at high temperatures above 1000°C. The durable ceramic construction provides superior resistance to oxidation, corrosion and fouling from ash and carbon deposits compared to metal alloys in traditional plugs.

Silicon nitride spark plugs also have a higher dielectric strength resulting in greater spark efficiency and cleaner burns. The large insulator nose prevents flashover and carbon tracking. This improves ignition reliability in the extreme pellet grill environment. The anti-fouling properties reduce misfires and weak sparks associated with fouled conventional plugs.

Moreover, silicon nitride plugs have a longer service life with typically double the change interval of standard plugs. The high durability and resistant construction significantly increases replacement time and reduces maintenance costs for pellet grill owners.

About Dese

Shanghai Dese Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional and innovative manufacturer of grills and grill accessories. Our main focus is on producing high-quality pellet grills, charcoal grills, and gas grills that offer superior performance and durability. We also specialize in producing a range of accessories that are essential for grilling, including PID controllers, grill grates, feeding motors, ignition rods, temperature sensors, food thermometers, and more.


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Our products have undergone extensive testing and obtained numerous certifications including CE, CCC, and RoHS.